Haan Health makes Alf’s dream come true


“Be you again.”


Haan Health is championing 75-year-old Alf Lakin, who had a dream to compete in the World Triathlon Championships held in Mexico later this year. After coming into contact with Dr Sonu Haikerwal through a friend, we were able to diagnose his condition, and come up with a treatment strategy.

After 12 months treatment, Alf is now able to run 100 metres in just 35 seconds, and has just placed 2nd in his age group at the qualifying Australian Championships held on the Gold Coast in January this year.

Alf told Channel 9’s Today Show during an on air interview that he hopes to place 4th or 5th in his division at the World Triathlon Championships, and due to the sponsorship of Haan Health and other local businesses, his dream is coming true right in front of his eyes.

Among the other local Gold Coast business sponsors of Alf are Hybrid Web, Howl at the Moon and Safe & Healthy People.

Alf proudly states that “athletics is his life”, and he has aimed high, dreamt big, and succeeded. “For me to do this all my thanks goes to Dr. Sonu for her help, understanding and her devotion to our older generation,” Alf says.

Last Thursday the 21st of April, Haan Health, Hybrid Web, Howl at the Moon and Safe & Healthy People were able to present a sponsorship cheque of $2,500 to Alf.

To read more about Alf’s journey and recovery, please visit our previous article, and feel free to like Alf’s Facebook page. To see the official story as posted via the Bulletin, visit their website.


















If you are as inspired by Alf’s story as much as we are, please help make his dream of competing in Mexico come true. To help, visit Alf’s GoFundMe page, donate and share the link so that Alf may travel to Mexico and represent Australia at the World Triathlon Championships.


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