Health and beauty is not only skin deep.

The main reason for this is the communication that the allied health practitioners can have directly with the general practitioner or That this the overarching philosophy adopted at Haan Skin. Our approach is more than skin deep.

The Gold Coast is inundated with cosmetic options and treatments, but very few look at the body as a whole.

Our skin is often the part of the body that is, ironically, the first attended to but least well managed. It is well known to be the body’s signpost for inner health and as such we need to look both beneath the skin as well as on top to achieve your best outcomes.

A Skin Check is the most important place to begin.

“At Haan Skin, we do a comprehensive examination of the skin, head to toe that is meticulous and thorough. Every noticeable lesion, spot, mole, rash is examined with the DermDoc dermatoscope held over the skin and projected onto a screen for the patients to view.

This is important in diagnosing any skin cancer, treating any rashes, and making plans to remove those frustrating skin tags, moles and ‘age spots’ which have plagued once youthful skin.”

Our advanced Surgitron mole removal will leave a blemish-free area without the use of stitches with little social downtime. Often we can use various treatments in combination to achieve the desired result.

Through the natural process of ageing, our collagen, a natural substance in the skin which provides structural support, is gradually lost. This forms our wrinkle lines.

Haan Skin’s revolutionary new Pellevé treatment is non-invasive. Pellevé uses heat energy to stimulate regeneration of collagen in a non-painful, non-injectable way on the face and body. As such, instant results are achieved providing a facelift and reduction in wrinkles and youthful appearance.”

Our other little miracle is the Emerge Fractionated Laser treatment. Skin pigmentation, scar reduction and small veins are often left untreated through other processes given the limited options available. Now those unsightly blemishes are treated thoroughly and effectively by skin resurfacing.”

As Experts in skin, outside and in, the team at Haan Skin use a team based approach. It’s a holistic health approach combining doctors, dieticians and cosmetic skin treatments to help you to Be You Again.

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