Haan Health Medical Centre

The Haan Health Medical Centre concept started in 2010 when the owners were building their practice at the Niecon Plaza Medical Centre in Broadbeach.

The initial vision was to provide a thorough service for our patients and this continues to be our vision today. Our vision further developed into providing a thorough service for our patients in an environment that meets the needs of the service. We extended our medical centre to have nursing facilities and like minded health professionals. The next phase of the vision was to do all of the above but provide as many services as we could so that our patients could get everything they needed in one place.
The Haan Health Medical Centre builds on all of these visions by having like-minded thorough health practitioners working together as a team to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients and in an environment that is warm, caring, friendly, welcoming, stress-free and comfortable.

To build on this concept and to give back to the community we have also created the Haan Health Lounge which is a large space, used as an over-flow waiting room, that holds special self-help books and sells some beverages. In addition to this we have built a shop to sell some essential items such as nebulisers, blood pressure machines, vitamins and minerals and various supplements.

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