Exercise Physiologist.

A relatively new science that uses exercise as a form of medicine to improve people’s health, fitness and wellbeing.

New research shows us the best ways to treat diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and help alleviate pain is through exercise, and exercise physiologists are the only people who can give you the right information.

As your body adapts to exercise there are many positive changes throughout your body that can promote weight change, improve strength and treat chronic conditions.

We regularly monitor your health and prescribe the most efficient ways to achieve your health goals.

Tiana Gibson

Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology

My name is Tiana and I’m an Exercise Physiologist, working together with the HAAN Health Medical Centre Team. I graduated with honours from the University of Queensland in 2017, with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Since then I have had extensive experience working with various chronic diseases, to improve and manage symptoms and well being. I’ve also had much knowledge and experience in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries, and thrive in getting my patients back to their pre-injury capacities.

I have also treated a various range of disabilities, helping people to improve their function and lifestyles in their communities. My treatment is conducted in clinic, as well as hydrotherapy pools and gym settings.

I have a passion for assisting patients to improve their quality of life through safe and effective movement, with accurate prescription and exercise techniques, whilst addressing their needs with understanding and attention.

I love being part of Haan’s multidisciplinary team, and helping patients through their journey in achieving optimal health outcomes.
Tiana Gibson

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