Pain is your body’s warning sign that something is wrong, and one of the most common conditions treated at Haan Health.

We have all experienced pain at some point, and the level of pain you feel may seem out of proportion. It can become incredibly debilitating if there are no obvious outwards appearances – something thousands of people live with every day.

There are three type of general pain.

Acute pain: Acute pain is the immediate signal to reduce damage to our bodies, like touching something sharp or hot, with acute pain, effective pain management in the early phase of an injury is crucial, and can prevent chronic pain conditions from developing.

Chronic pain: Chronic pain is pain that has lasted beyond the expected time for an injury to heal, usually 3 months, and can be a result of an initial acute pain. It can be debilitating; strongly linked with depression, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Chronic pain is complex to treat but there are things you can do, with help from Haan Health, to achieve your goals despite being in chronic pain.

Neuropathic pain: Neuropathic pain is a type of chronic pain that occurs following damage to the nervous system itself. It is also called nerve pain or nerve-damage pain. The sensations associated with this type of pain are described as burning or shooting pains. The skin can be numb, tingling or extremely sensitive.

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“Even when there is an underlying painful condition, living with the ongoing pain and discomfort of chronic pain can be very difficult. At Haan Health, we believe in a holistic approach to pain management.

We do a comprehensive assessment to understand a patient’s lifestyle, affect of pain on activities of daily living and mood and work, what has worked in the past or not.”

Dr. Sonu Haikerwal – Haan Pain Relief Clinic

What follows is a plan which may involve referral to our in-house dietitian, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, psychologist, pharmacist or chiropractor. Most recently we have added deep tissue laser therapy by our in-house chiropractor Dr. Mark Miller to the repertoire of options for pain relief treatment with good outcomes.

Further treatments like steroid injections or PRP injections done by radiologists or pain specialists form part of treatment for some patients. The idea is to motivate and empower patients to break the cycle of chronic life debilitating pain and regain normalcy.

Our approach to pain is multidisciplinary and although we have good results we not guarantee results for all patients.

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