Dietetics is the study of the relationship between food, nutrition and your health.

Our dietitians work in this field to provide food and nutrition information to improve your health.

We translate the latest scientific information into practical advice about what to eat.

After all… you are what you eat.

Problems with blood sugar levels, weight, cholesterol, or high blood pressure?

A big part of the puzzle is your diet and our University qualified dieticians will help you achieve your health goals.

My name is Jaclyn Cooper and I am one of the Allied Health team members working alongside the Haan Health Medical Centre team to improve the health of their patients.

I decided in my early 20’s that I wanted to be a dietitian because I am passionate about food, passionate about health, and I love to eat. So off I went to Griffith University for a challenging, albeit rewarding five years of full time study. In 2011 I graduated with a Bachelor of Public Health and in 2013 graduated with a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics.

I love working with my patient’s one on one to help them make positive changes to improve their health through their relationship with food. With so much conflicting diet advice out there as well as a myriad of extreme diets available (think the lemon detox diet) it is easy to see why people are struggling with food and starting to see it more as foe than friend. I am here to help clear some of these misconceptions up and improve this relationship.

I see a variety of patients each day and know that a one size fits all diet does not work. My advice is tailored to your specific health needs as well as your lifestyle and level of motivation. From helping a diabetic patient control their blood sugar levels to helping patients to decrease their cholesterol levels or increase their iron stores, no day is the same. I worked alongside the Haan Health Medical Team for a number of months in their Niecon Plaza premises and am now excited to rejoin the team at their new premises. The new centre is modern, comfortable and the perfect setting for this multidisciplinary team to operate out of. Patients can now come to one place for all of their medical needs making it easier to take control of their health and wellbeing.
Jaclyn Cooper

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