Health Services.

Medical Consultations

We offer medical consultations with the doctors, please bring all your problems and concerns with you and feel free to discuss them with your doctor, we encourage this as often many of the issues are inter-related.

Women’s Health

We offer medical consultations to discuss issues on Contraception, Family Planning, Pregnancy, Antenatal care, Breast cancer, Hysterectomy, Incontinence, Menopause, Ovarian cancer, Period problems, STIs, Vaginal problems or Thrush.

Men’s Health

We offer medical consultations to discuss Hair health, Men’s health checks, Prostate cancer checks, Sexual health, Testicle health and testicular cancer and erectile dysfunction (impotence)

Children’s Health

Childhood is a complex area with many factors combining to influence children’s health and development. We offer consultations to discuss immunisations, nutrition, physical activity, asthma, diabetes, mental health, indigenous child health and 4 year old health assessments.

Skin Checks

If you are concerned about any spots or moles on your skin then please show this to your doctor and if required and with your consent we can perform a small biopsy of the affected area and send this for analysis for cancer.

Skin Cancers

After performing a skin check and receiving results on the biopsy, we may need to remove your skin cancer. Many of these can be performed in-house by our doctors however if our doctors feel that the cancer should be removed by a specialist then they will refer you.


We offer a number of vaccinations in-house for tetanus, HPV, Hepatitis A and B, chicken pox, Q fever, Yellow fever and during autumn the flu vax. If you require travel vaccines then we may need to order these in so please get these done early.


For various reasons the doctor may need to check your heart with and ECG test, your lung functions with a Spirometry test, or a check for cardiovascular disease – an ABI. These can all be conducted in our treatment room by our well trained nurses.

Care Plans

Dependant on your condition the doctor may create a care plan for you. This is a multi-discipline plan that looks at all your health needs and sets targets for you to achieve specific goals and you may be referred to various allied health to produce the desired outcomes

Second Opinions

We offer consultations that may be a second opinion. Most doctors welcome another opinion. Our doctors may ask for your usual doctor to send their full medical history and any results of tests that you may have. They may also order new tests or organise consultations with specialists.

Weight Control

Managing your weight can reduce your risk of serious health problems, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Our Doctor’s work in a team with Dietitians, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Yoga and Fitness professionals to achieve your desired outcomes.

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