Physiotherapy is evidence-based therapy targeted to diagnose your injury or illness, treat your symptoms, and manage your rehabilitation by using natural methods such as massage, exercise, stretches, adapted equipment, education and motivation.

Many people associate Physiotherapy with sporting injuries, however the resourceful tool box of our Physiotherapists are used to treat conditions that affect muscles, joints, nerves, respiratory system, heart function and mobility complications that reduce your ability to move the way you want and enjoy your daily life

Liam Ryan

My qualification is a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy), gained from Curtin University in WA. In the future I would like to take on further study to achieve a Masters degree in Physiotherapy. I have experience in fields including private practice, sports, acute neurology, cardiothoracic surgery, paediatrics and gerontology.

Professionally my interests are shoulders and low back pain, which are both common areas of pain experienced by people (myself included), but can also be quite complex to treat.

As a physiotherapist with Safe and Healthy People, I am able to provide a more holistic approach to treatment, as we have great communication channels not only with the medical staff at Haan Health Medical Centre, but also within our own company. I have to ability to be able to get easy referrals and opinions from other allied health professionals, such as podiatrists, exercise physiologists, and dieticians. This means that we are able to ensure that the patient is getting the best care possible.

Haan Health Medical Centre’s new facilities are state of the art, and I find help make patients more relaxed and comfortable when they come in to be treated by any of the professions here. The doctors are very approachable, which allows me to ask them any potential questions that may help the outcome of your treatment session. The reception staff are also very welcoming, friendly, and happy to try and answer any of your questions.

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