Physiotherapy is evidence-based therapy targeted to diagnose your injury or illness, treat your symptoms, and manage your rehabilitation by using natural methods such as massage, exercise, stretches, adapted equipment, education and motivation.

Many people associate Physiotherapy with sporting injuries, however the resourceful tool box of our Physiotherapists are used to treat conditions that affect muscles, joints, nerves, respiratory system, heart function and mobility complications that reduce your ability to move the way you want and enjoy your daily life

Enzzio Spruyt

Enzzio Spruyt is a passionate and highly motivated physiotherapist who focuses on early intervention and taking an evidence-based approach to client- centred care. Since completing his studies at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, he has worked both in hospital setting and private practice.

In 2015, Enzzio had the opportunity to do a short stint overseas in Dallas, Texas and presented to work safety professionals on manual handling and low back pain at the Cooper Point Safety Works Expo held in Tucson, Arizona.

Enzzio has a keen interest in Sports and Musculoskeletal conditions. He is also a National Endorsed Provider of Netball Australia’s KNEE Program. Since 2012, he has been involved with treating and travelling with athletes. Currently, he is Team Physio for the KNT Netball Association and previously been part of the medical team for the Australian Federation Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships.

Enzzio has additional training in Lymphoedema (Complete Decongestive Therapy), Headache and Migraines using the Watson approach, Strength and Conditioning, Neuromuscular Dry Needling, complementing his well-established manual skills assisting clients in achieving their personal goals and positive health outcomes. Furthermore, he enjoys addressing postural dysfunction and muscle imbalances through the application of this in clinic.
Enzzio Spruyt

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