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Kimberley Winslow
Nutritionist (BMedSci), Certified Holistic health coach

My mission is to provide you with unwavering support, guidance, knowledge and empowerment throughout your health journey.

I am an evidence based nutritionist and I enjoy coaching my clients to explore their own personal health philosophy. I believe that true health is achieved by nourishing both our mind and body and when we identify what health truly means to us, we can build a strong foundation which guides our decisions. I believe that food is a source of joy and brings people together to celebrate some of life’s most special moments and that no foods should be off limits.

As a health coach I work with my clients to achieve all kinds of health related goals by providing guidance and accountability as they make sustainable and long term lifestyle changes. As a coach I serve as a supportive listener and utilise core coaching skills which allow my clients to discover their own challenges and solutions. I focus primarily on the present and future and I empower my clients social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

I have a particular interest in women’s health and enjoy working with women to build an empowered relationship with their menstrual cycle. It brings me absolute joy to show women how to work with their natural biological rhythm to optimise their nutrition and lifestyle.

Initial consultation: 90 minutes


The aim of the initial consultation is to understand who you are and what your health desires are. Prior to this consultation you will be emailed a questionnaire to complete, this gives me the opportunity to do some of the ground work before we meet.

During this consultation a thorough health history and nutrition assessment will be conducted, and If relevant, anthropometric measurements will be taken. This is so any nutrition advice is personalised to your unique needs and circumstances.

Things we can work on together include diet, exercise, quality of sleep, stress management, mindfulness practices, menstrual cycle alignment and goal setting. The tools and resources given will be specific to your goals.

Follow up consultations: 60 minutes


Follow up consultations are recommended within 2 – 6 weeks of your initial consultation.

During this session we will discuss your progress and work through any challenges you may have faced while implementing the action steps set in your initial consultation. Review sessions include coaching, accountability and education to continue your development as you progress towards your goals.

Nutrition Assessment Report


This is a comprehensive nutrition assessment which is an analysis of your anthropometric measurements and food intake over a period of 4 days and is used to define your nutrition status. This report will identify any micronutrient deficiencies, identify macronutrient imbalances and identify your risk of developing nutrition and weight related diseases. The report will include personalised nutrition recommendations.

The nutrition assessment report is a fantastic tool to understand exactly where you’re at and is further enhanced by coaching to help you reach your health goals.

Kimberley is available for consultation on Tuesday and Thursday at our Broadbeach clinic.

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