Haan Health is Covid-19 ready!

We advise all our patients to keep calm and seek early advice.

Call now to book a Tele-health consultation with your GP at Haan.

Tele-health Consultations

Updated 14th April 2020

Haan Health Medical Centre is offering telephone or video consultations to all patients.

We are committed to providing tele-health consultations and make it our commitment, during the Covid-19 pandemic, to bulk-bill all our tele-health consultations.

be you again.

Call now to book a tele-health consultation with your GP at Haan.

Important Links for All Patients

Coronavirus HOTLINE 24 hours: 1800 020 080

Coronavirus Australia app

Gold Coast Hospital Information

Queensland Health Advice

WHO advice for COVID19

Articles written by Australian GPs

Hand washing

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia

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