Careers & Training

At Haan Health Medical Centre we believe that our staff are very important and each are empowered with a responsibility to shine.

We also believe that our staff should be equipped to do their job to the best of their ability and encourage staff to attend training sessions and information evenings. Every staff member annually attends a CPR course and is certified to perform CPR. Our staff are encouraged to attend a First Aid course every three years.

Each satisfied patient, each positive feedback, card or cake that we receive is a reflection of all of our staff as we work as a team.

We offer a warm and welcoming environment, with a supportive and friendly team, we have no hierarchy – all our staff including doctors and nurses are on the same level. It’s important to also note that our work and place of business is very busy. There is always lots of work to do, the day goes fast and we succeed as a team.

We train nurses, medical students and GP registrars.

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