Haan Vaccinations

A vaccination is a weakened form of a disease injected into your body, usually in your arm and sometimes in your buttocks. Our bodies will detect this weakened disease and our bodies will produce antibodies to fight this disease.

These antibodies will stay in our bodies for a long period of time, in some cases our entire life. If our bodies are ever exposed to the disease our bodies will fight it off as we are now immune to the disease.


Fluvax is a medication used to prevent infection with influenza (the flu). It is suitable for individuals aged > 5 years. Fluvax can be used every year by individuals who want to prevent influenza infection.

Fluvax is an immunisation to prevent infection with influenza (the flu). It is safe to have a fluvax every year for people over the age of five years. The Fluvax is available from April to June at Haan Health and costs $22.50.

Q Fever Vaccinations

Q Fever is a serious disease caused by bacteria spread to humans from animals. The result of infection is severe flu-like symptoms and some affected experience long-term health issues.

Goats, sheep and cattle are the main sources of infection however a wide range of wild and domestic animals can spread the infection to humans and the animals that are infecting humans may not even be sick.

To get vaccinated for Q Fever, this is a 7 day process which involves the following steps and costs currently $425 at Haan Health. None of these fees attract a Medicare Rebate and the Blood Test from Pathology currently costs around $45.

1. 1st Consultation
2. Blood Test from Pathology
3. Q Fever Skin Test

After 7 days

4. 2nd Consultation
5. Q Fever Vaccination

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