Dr. Theresa Arnold MBBS

Born in Queensland, Theresa began studying medicine in Sydney Australia before continuing her education in San Francisco California, where she has a special interest in advanced scar and skin pigment abnormalities.

With the use of specialty formulated hypoallergenic dermatologic medical pigments, Theresa is able to minimize the appearance of  surgical and trauma scars, birthmarks, stretch marks, Vitiligo, and other skin pigmentation abnormalities. Procedures are considered minimally invasive, painless and have little or no downtime.

Working in private practice since 2008, Theresa has performed over 10, 000 procedures while simultaneously commuting between medical clinics in San Francisco, USA and in London, GB before returning back to Queensland’s Gold Coast to be closer to her family.


” I specialise in advanced scar and skin colour restoration, treating conditions such as post surgical or trauma scarring, birthmarks, Vitiligo, Stretchmarks, and many other skin conditions using medical grade pigments injected under the dermis to camouflage skin blemishes and abnormalities.

I have performed more than 10,000 procedures since 2008, dividing my time between busy private practices in the U.K and U.S clinics. For the past 9 years my clinics have been the exclusive medical micropigmentation provider for some of the largest and most prestiges medical institutes, and private practice clinics across the world. I am delighted to be able to be able to offer my expertise through the professional and caring environment that is Haan Health.  ”


Theresa treats all patients with a warm, welcoming, professional, engaging attitude that instantly puts patients at ease.

She delivers astounding results and loves working with individual patients.



Medical Micropigment Practitioner

Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor Surgery, MBBS

Advance Nipple/Areola and Color Camouflage (ABSC)

Please note: Not practicing in capacity of a Physician, a referral from your Dermatologist of General Physician may be required)

Advance Nipple/Areola and Colour Camouflage (ABSC)

Advanced Medical Micropigment Techniques (Finishing Touch Medical System UK)

Advanced Paramedical Specialist (AIIC)

Advanced Camouflage Restoration Workshop (ABSC)

Advanced Color Corrective and Removal (ABSC)

Advanced Burn, and Skin Grafts (ABSC)

Advanced Scar Camouflage (ABSC)

Advanced Workshop – Eyebrows,Hairstroke & Lash Enhancement(ABSC)

Facial Enhancement Specialist (AIIC)

Bloodborne Pathogen ( ProBloodborne )OSHA

Paramedical Specialist (AIIC)

Intradermal Cosmetic Technician (AIIC)

Medical micropigmentation Specialist (AIIC)

Dermaroller Certified Collagen Induction Training (AestheticCare)

Laser and IPL Core of Knowledge Safety GCC Healthcare LTD

Q-Switch Tattoo & Pigmentation Laser Training GCC Healthcare LTD


Please Note: Theresa is not acting in the capacity of, or as diagnosing Physician. There is no reciprocities between States or Countries. In some instances a referral from a your Dermatologist or treating physican may be required before treatment may commence.


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