Haan Registrar.

General Practice Training is a Specialists training in Australia.

All medical graduates complete one year training in a hospital setting which is their internship.

Following the internship they do further training in various specialties as Junior and Senior house officers in the hospital.

On the completion of their hospital placements components of their training they are inducted as GP registrars for a period of two years in General Practice.

Out of the two years they rotate between two practices with two different GP trainers.

During this period they sit their exams for the RACGP and obtain the fellowship – FRACGP.

At Haan Health, we train GP registrars both in their first (GPT1 & GPT2) and second year (GPT3 & GPT4) of their training.

We believe teaching GP registrars help us to learn and improve on systems on an ongoing basis.

We hold regular tutorials and case by case teaching based on the pillars of evidence based medicine and RACGP guidelines.

We are passionate about our philosophy of patient-centered thorough comprehensive medicine and are proud to inspire the next generation of General Practitioners.

The GP Registrars are closely supervised in every aspect of their clinical work by our GP mentors like Dr. Haikerwal and Dr. Botha so that each and every patient gets the best care that is synonymous with Haan Health.


GP Registrar Term GPTQ
Dr. Alice Bowen 20/01/2020 – 22/05/2020 GPT1 (Uncompleted)
Dr. Roy Kuo 20/01/2020 – 19/01/2021 GPT1 & GPT2
Dr. Aditi Rai 20/01/2020 – 22/05/2020 GPT2 (Uncompleted)
Dr. Debbie Bassett 22/07/2019 – 01/09/2021 GPT2, GPT3 & GPT4
Dr. Diana Romanic 22/07/2019 – 02/11/2021 GPT2, GPT3 & GPT4
Dr. Ben Buxton 21/01/2019 – 20/01/2020 GPT1 & GPT2
Dr. Jeremy Wright 21/01/2019 – 19/01/2021 GPT1, GPT2, GPT3, GPT4
Dr. Clare Graham 22/01/2018 – 01/09/2021 GPT1, GPT2, GPT3, GPT4
Dr. Nicole Lehmann 22/01/2018 – 21/01/2020 GPT1, GPT2, GPT3, GPT4
Dr. Frances Knight 22/01/2018 – 21/01/2019 GPT3 & GPT4
Dr. Sarah-Jane Kelley 23/01/2017 – 22/01/2018 GPT1 & GPT2
Dr. Matthew Thornely 23/01/2017 – 22/01/2018 GPT1 & GPT2
Dr. Elise Turner 01/08/2016 – 22/01/2018 GPT1, GPT2 & GPT3
Dr. Sarah Clarke 16/05/2016 – 29/09/2016 GPT4
Dr. Louis Beak 18/01/2016 – 17/01/2017 GPT1 & GPT2
Dr. Samuel Ibrahim Jan 2024 – Current GPT1
Dr. Manvinder Dhillon July 2023 – Current GPT1 & GPT2

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