Haan Family Planning

In keeping with our Haan philosophy of thorough comprehensive care we are proud to add to our portfolio of services in the area of family planning delivered by skilled passionate clinicians with extensive experience, all delivered in a warm friendly setting.


Haan prides itself in providing fertility advice to patients, couples, and comprehensive work up including referral to Fertility specialists. We provide psychological input and relationship counselling, which can be key in fertility issues.

Sexual Health Checks

Sexual health checks are offered at this practice, our caring Haan doctors can diagnose and treat sexually transmissible infections (STI).

Fertility Specialists

Many couples have trouble conceiving. Your Haan clinician can refer you to see a Fertility Specialist, they can assess your reproductive health and conduct tests to identify any issues in conceiving.

Relationship Counselling

Our Haan medical practitioners support and care for couples with relationship issues. We can offer in-house counselling and also refer you to a Psychologist with expertise in Relationship Counselling.

Contraception for Women

Haan offers insertions and removals at both our Broadbeach and Upper Coomera Haan Health Medical Centres.

Our clinicians provide the much preferred options of LARCs (Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives) which are considered safe and effective.

We encourage our patients to consider these options as a better alternative to the OCPs (Oral Contraceptive Pills).

Insertions and Removals are done after thorough checks and consultations with our patient and we ensure that there is regular follow ups.

We use these consults to also promote prevention and education to our patients,the valuable pillars of good primary care.



This is long acting, reversible contraceptive (LARC). It is an IUS (Intrauterine System) which is fitted into the uterus (womb).

It is a small, T shaped frame made from latex free polyethylene, which is a soft flexible plastic. Attached to the stem is a cylinder containing a reservoir of Levonorgestrel (a progestogen). It is about the size of a 50 cent piece.

Hormone Implant (Insertion and Removal)

Hormone Implant

This is a hormone implant used for birth control. A hormone-carrying plastic rod, the size of a matchstick, is inserted under the skin of your arm.

Your Haan doctor inserts the rod into your skin through the use of a needle. The doctor releases the rod into your arm and the needle is removed. The rod remains in your arm for up to 3 years, but can be removed at any time.

The rod releases a steady dose of progestin into your body. Progestin is a synthetic (artificial) hormone that prevents ovulation (the ovary from releasing the egg) and thickens the mucus of the woman’s cervix. The thickened mucus prevents the sperm and egg from joining and fertilizing in case the egg is released.

Contraceptive Pills Review

As with all medications, contraceptive pills are continuously being improved and it’s important to see you GP at Haan and have a thorough check to ensure you are still taking the pill that’s best for you.

Contraception for Men

And for our male patients we are happy to announce the availability of Vasectomies delivered by Dr. Zia at both sites. He brings with him vast years of experience and passion for quality care.


A vasectomy is a procedure that makes a man permanently unable to get a woman pregnant. It involves cutting two tubes, called the vas deferens, so that sperm can no longer get into the semen.

Performing a vasectomy requires a high degree of skill and training. Dr. Zia, from Haan Health, has many years of experience performing vasectomies.

After the vasectomy you will need to rest for 24 hours and avoid any heavy lifting and sports for two to three days.


We invite you to see our doctors for thorough care regarding contraception, fertility and family planning needs.

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