Where is Dr. Sonu Haikerwal?

To our valued patients, friends and colleagues

As you may be aware, Dr Sonu Haikerwal has been away from the practice for a few weeks now. Sonu has long held an unparalleled dedication and passion for her medical practice and most of all, her patients.

Her work ethic and extended working hours has resulted in an understandable fatigue and she reluctantly decided to take some leave to refocus, rejuvenate and recover from what has been a very challenging few years.

In this time Sonu is reconnecting with beloved family members she has not seen in years, and also investigating and studying a health concept which she wants to develop in Australia. Her research is involving holistic healthcare models around the world and also digital healthcare.

She will be travelling to USA, UK and her home country of India to study aspects of yoga and Ayurveda too. When she returns, she will be rested and invigorated and we can’t wait to see what health offerings she will create for the community.

To her regular patients, we apologise for the disruption. For those who know Sonu well, would know how difficult this decision was for her. She gives tirelessly of herself, and it is perhaps time for her to heed her own advice and spend some time nurturing her spirit for the sake of her own well being.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to ensure your continued care with alternate, and excellent, practitioners.

With Regards

Michele Drewes
Practice Manager
Haan Health Medical Centres