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Nearly 2 years after the opening of the new Haan Health Medical Centre in Broadbeach, the commitment to long-term patient centred is still the primary goal. Our dedicated doctors, nursing staff and ever caring customer service team consistently aim to give the care and time that so many have not experience in the past.

This week, Dr. Sonu Haikerwal who is the co-owner and Principal General Practitioner at the Haan Health Medical Centre outlined her passion for the people of the Gold Coast in our featured advertorial in the Gold Coast Sun Newspaper.

In the article Dr. Sonu emphasise the level of patient care, right from the initial consultation where a minimum 30 minutes is spent with each patient to ensure a thorough understanding of the patient’s history.

Dr Haikerwal said staff believed in empowering people through education and motivation towards lifestyle changes.

“Our analogy is that you are the driver of your own life, and we can organise a team to support your journey,” she said. “These are your back seat passengers; experts in everything from diet, movement and sleep, to pathology and clinical medicine, to create a complete road map for you to be you again. “We approach every patient’s health journey with a deep sense of purpose, privilege, gratitude and pride, and the outcomes speak for themselves.”

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