Fluvax at Haan Health Lounge for 2015


Its that time of the year again when the days grow shorter and cooler and sound of coughing and splattering people fill the air. That’s right we are well and truly in Flu Season which means its time to get Vaccinated!

Influenza (the flu) is caused by a highly contagious virus and is spread by air-bone fluids (sneezing / coughing) or by direct contact with those fluids on a surface. The symptoms of ‘The Flu’ are much worse than just a bad cold. Typically a patient will have high fevers or chills, sore throat, stuffy nose, muscle & headaches, weakness and cough that can last up to a WEEK! Unlike a simple cold, ‘The Flu’ can lead to serious complications such as primary influenza pneumonia, secondary bacterial pneumonia and inflammation of the heart or brain, which in some susceptible populations can lead to significant morbidity or mortality.

For those reasons the National Immunisation Program provided by the government offers a FREE vaccination for prevention against the flu for specific populations of people whom are at highest risk of FLU related problems. This includes:

  1. Pregnant woman (in any stage of pregnancy)
  2. All people aged 65 yrs and older
  3. All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged 6 months – 5 yrs, or 15 yrs and older
  4. Persons aged 6 months and older with a significant medical condition

A private flu vaccination is still available and recommended to all other patients >6 months and older, for a small fee of $15 from our office.

In keeping with the prevention is better than cure theme, another effect way to protect ourselves is with good personal hygiene. 4 Great tips to staying healthy:

  1. Cover your nose when coughing and sneezing
  2. Wash your hands regularly
  3. Avoid work if unwell
  4. Don’t send your children to school or day care if unwell

If you have any further questions about the vaccine or eligibility for the free vaccine please contact us at Haan Health Medical centre and we’ll be happy to discuss any queries with you.

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