Haan Branches.

Haan health believes in a patient-centered approach.

Every day we see the benefits of this philosophy in the form of outcomes that our patients can achieve.

We take our role in every patients health journey with a deep sense of purpose, privilege, gratitude, and pride.

Over the past 7 years we have attracted like-minded clinicians who understand the whole body personalised approach to health.

These clinicians practice with empathy, care and compassion, giving time to each and every patient.

Listening to the patient and empowering them through education and motivation towards life style changes and a personalised health solutions rather than just offering a cure in the form of a pill or prescription.

Some of our patients travel far distances to come to our centre in Broadbeach and this has motivated us to open sister clinics.

These clinics will share the same philosophy of Haan, which is our whole health approach to personal well being that sets up apart.


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